BRCCC Forms and Regulations

The BRCCC has a simple fundamental philosophy regarding class rules as follows:
                    “If it is NOT specifically stated, assume it’s not legal”.
So please direct all class related questions/clarifications to the club committee for a ruling. That ruling will apply to everyone and may result in a revision of our class rules.

Club and Class regulations for 2018
Click on link —> CODE of CONDUCT 2018_ver1.1  <New>

Membership Application Form 2017/18
New memberships during January 2018-June 2018 discounted 50%.

Only one (adult)  joining fee for Family memberships – Family members can be added during the financial year.

AARCMCC Rules for 2017/18 (to be used with the BRCCC Code of Conduct).
Click on link –> AARCMCC EP ONR Jan18     <New>
This revision affects AARCMCC events only.  Club racing is unaffected.

Tamiya TT-01 E Trucks – Formal 2018 class

For 2018, the Tamiya TT-01 E “out of the box” truck is a formal trophy class.

This class is new world wide and has attracted very popular demand.
Internationally this class is evolving with varying but similar rules.
The BRCCC class rules are aligned as closely as possible to international trends.

BRCCC Track Layouts for 2017

Click on the following link to view our current track layouts.

All currentTracks 2017