BRCCC Forms and regulations

  • CODE of CONDUCT 2017_ver11.3             <Page 21 Revised >

    — Changes to Page 3, Page 20 [Mini “Motor” rule] and Page 21 [new TT-01 truck rules].
    — Mini and TT-01 rules effective July 1, 2017 (Season 2).

  • Membership Application 2017/18  form 
    All membership renewals MUST be paid before July 1, 2017
    Only one (adult)  joining fee for Family memberships – Family members can be added during the financial year.
  • AARCMCC Rules for 2017 (to be used with the BRCCC Code of Conduct).
    Click on link –> AARCMCC EP ONR July 2017 <Revised>
    This revision affects AARCMCC events only.  Club racing is unaffected.

Tamiya Racing Trucks – New for 2017

For Season 2 we have introduced a new class for Tamiya TT-01 E “out of the box” trucks.

These trucks are a lot of fun as well as a low cost/maintenance entry point for RC racing.

Come along and watch them then talk to us about getting involved.

Short Course Truck (SCT) class – New for 2017

Look at our flyer and come along to try it out. –> SCT class flyer

BRCCC Track Layouts for 2017

Click on the following link to view our current track layouts.

All currentTracks 2017